Fashionable Garment Industry


How it Works

  At our Style Guide you can find any style you are looking for that will fullfill your first needs.
  After selecting your style(s) the second step is to choose the fabric you would like to use for your selected styles from the Fabric Guide. By each style, you can find the best recommended fabric group for that specific style. In case you would like to use a different fabric type which is not mentioned for the style you have selected, please contact our sales department for further assistance.
  The next step is the selecetion of the colours. We advice you to have only one Pantone colour for small orders from 100 pieces up till 250 pieces. For any contrast colour you will need, you can get use of our standard colours which you can choose from our Colour Guide. If you need more than one Pantone colour, please contact our sales department.
  Once you have completed selecting your styles, fabrics and colours, you will have the opportunity of using special options which will help you to create your own exclusive products. Identity is offering you a wide range of options in the Option Guide section for more creative designs. Any option you would like to create which does not exist in the option guide, please contact our sales department.
  Last step is personalizing your item with your own logo with print, embroidery or any other technology we offer you. In our order online system you will be able to upload your logo(s) with detailed information needed.